Bellanwila Community Development Foundation

bcdf1 The Sri Lanka Community Development Foundation, now popularly known as the Bellanwila Community Development Foundation ( BCDF )was established by Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalaratana Nayaka Thera in November 1980. This enabled him to bring about a closer link between the temple and the people. As a non-profit making organization, it has been in the forefront of technical education in the area. It is providing training to youth in a wide range of professions and skills, such as courses in house-wiring, information technology, draftsmanship, refrigeration, air conditioning and motor-mechanism, etc. enabling many young people to enter into the job market or setup their own private enterprises. The Nayaka Thera has begun expanding the activities of this organization to the remote areas of Sri Lanka where youth in large numbers need the services of such an organization.

Besides these activities the B.D.C.F. is engaged in providing general welfare services including, free medical clinics held for the indigent elderly, nutrition programs conducted to counteract malnutrition in children.

Bellanwila Dayaka Sabha

The Bellanwila Dayaka Sabha (Temple Committee), a very dynamic organization performs yeoman service in all activities connected with the temple. really forming the link between the temple and the devotees, marshalling their services and helping whenever the temple is involved in performing social and cultural activities.

Dhamma School

Dhamma School

Dhamma School under the Principalship of Ven. Boralesgamuwe Pemaratana Thero (M.A.) is a behive of activities. It has an academic staff of nearly 50, including both male and female teachers, that efficiently help the principal to teach and administer a student population of over 1500. Classes held range from Grade 1 to Dharmacharya Level.
Parallel to this in the Dhamma School conducted in the English medium. Its student population is about 200. It has a 10 members academic staff and a four level curricula : beginners, basic, Junior Part I & II, Senior Part I & II.